A Joyful Eid

Djénéba Diarra has a hard life. The 45-year-old widow lives in Banankabougou, in western Mali. The 45-year-old widow lives in Banankabougou, in western Mali. She struggles to make ends meet, and relies on the little income she gets from low-level trading. She has seven children, and most have dropped out of school in order to work to help the family survive.

Last year Djénéba and her family were amonst 3.5 million people that received Qurbani meat on the day of Eid.

“There is a dire food crisis in the region, caused by drought, upheaval and floods. Since the death of my husband, I have struggled to feed my children.

To celebrate Eid, I go to the mosque, then go house to house giving my best wishes to relatives, neighbours and friends. At 1pm, we sit and eat the meat from Islamic Relief. I rarely eat meat as it is too expensive for me. The food pack helps me and my children be happy, comforted and joyful for Eid.”

Just like Djénéba, we make sure the most needy people receive the best Qurbani we can provide them as only healthy animals are selected, ensuring high quality meat. This ensures that your Qurbani donation can bring a smile on the faces of millions of people on the blessed days of Eid ul Adha.

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