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Violence has engulfed Sudan, displacing millions and leaving cities, homes and lives in ruins.

Since April 2023, over 7.3 million people – one in every eight people in Sudan have been uprooted, forced to flee to relatives’ homes, temporary camps where conditions are abysmal, or across borders where life is not any easier.

While about 1.5 million people have fled to neighbouring countries, the vast majority, 5.8 million people, are displaced within Sudan, putting enormous pressure on impoverished host communities. Almost half of the entire population of Khartoum state has now been displaced, leaving the capital city a desolate ghost town with remaining residents forced to largely stay inside for fear of being shot in the streets.

Eight months of brutal conflict have destroyed lives, livelihoods and critical infrastructure. Communities are reporting horrific violence – including a massacre of around 1,000 people in Darfur this month and reports of mass rape of women and civilians being enslaved or buried alive

More than 12,000 people have officially been killed by the violence, but fatalities are believed to be underreported and the death toll from hunger, disease and lack of basic services could rise far higher.

Millions of people across the country are experiencing acute hunger. Islamic Relief is seeing a rapid increase in malnourished children at the health clinics we support, with hunger levels rising as farmers are forced from their land and humanitarian convoys continue to be attacked. More than 3.4 million children are now reported to be acutely malnourished.

Diseases such as malaria and measles are also rife, and around three quarters of hospitals in conflict-affected areas are no longer operating, leaving most people without access to healthcare.

The humanitarian situation is dire, with families struggling to survive and meet their basic needs.

Islamic Relief is readying to respond to Sudan violence

Islamic Relief has worked in Sudan since 1984. Our teams are on the ground in Sudan, responding to the crisis wherever possible but security and access continues to be a major challenge.

Despite the extreme insecurity Islamic Relief has provided humanitarian aid to over 559,000 people since the conflict began, including food and livelihoods support to over 460,000 people and health and nutrition support to over 67,000. But much more is needed as the violence spreads.

food pack icon yellow

Food assistance to 327,991 people

water droplet icon

Water storage kits to 4,890 people

medical items health care icon yellow

Healthcare to 46,225 people

hygiene sanitise icon

Hygiene kits to 3,369 people

tent temporary shelter icon

Temporary shelter to 485 families

hand heart icon

Psycho-social support to 2,552 people

Islamic Relief’s humanitarian response has also consisted of:

  • Distributing medicine to 16 hospitals and 6 medical clinics.
  • Providing 4,174 women and girls with dignity kits.
  • Cash assistance to 36,230 people
  • Supporting local farmers with their livelihoods and supplying high-quality, durable seeds to more than 100,000 farmers.

Image: Islamic Relief teams distributing food packs and non-food items. Image: Islamic Relief teams distributing food packs and non-food items.

Image: Islamic Relief teams in Sudan distributing jerry cans for water storage across Al Jazirah State. Image: Islamic Relief teams in Sudan distributing jerry cans for water storage across Al Jazirah State.

Islamic Relief has worked in Sudan for nearly 40 years and remains by the sides of families caught up in the violence. Please support our life-saving work and donate now.

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