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can provide an essential hygiene kit to four families living in conflict
can provide shelter and protection to a displaced person by giving them a home
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Um Khaled is 29 years old, she has four children and the conflict in Syria has made her a widow.

Since losing her husband she has been forced to fend for her entire family by herself. She works in a second-hand clothes shop to provide the basic necessities of life for her children. The loss of her husband, home, and familiar surroundings has left her in a state of despair.

Like every mother she wishes for her children to grow up happy and healthy. She wants them to do well in school, to play safely, and have fun.  However, in Syria they are surrounded by difficulties and danger.

Her children ask her about Eid and if she will be able to buy them anything for Eid. She asks her children to be patient, but in reality she knows she won’t be able to buy them any clothes or toys, or even provide them with a nice meal. It makes her fall apart.

You can Share Your Ramadan with Um Khaled’s family and other family’s like hers.

Your donations can provide them with enough food for the whole month of Ramadan along with basic living essentials.  This Ramadan you can change their lives.


Share Your Ramadan with people all over the world

You can help feed families all over the world this Ramadan. A single donation from you can feed an entire family for the month.

You can help somone fulil their Ramadan by donating a foodpack to Feed the Fasting:

$40 – Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chechnya, Lebanon, Mali, Niger, Sri Lanka

$55 – Chad, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Malawi, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Syria

$70 – Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Palestine (Gaza), Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen

$1,610 – 30 Family food packs in 30 Countries

Last year, with your support, Islamic Relief provided over 900,000 people with food for a month. This enabled those that were fasting to break their fast with a nutritious meal.

All food items are purchased locally to help the local economy and ensuree that the food provided is suitable and familiar to the families receiving it. Our Ramadan food programme is designed to complement longer-term relief and development projects that provide sustainable ways to improve living conditions.

Donate your Zakat or Feed the Fasting today

Who will you Share Your Ramadan with this year?

This year you can Share Your Ramadan with the most vulnerable people in the world.
You can relieve someone’s hunger, quench someone’s thirst, ease someone’s burden, and end someone’s struggle.
Help us continue saving lives.


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