can provide an essential hygiene kit to a family
can provide food and water for a family in quarantine
can provide disinfectant and sterilisation material to protect communities from Coronavirus
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Once people become ill, they need healthcare – and this is often severely lacking in poor countries. That’s why Islamic Relief builds hospitals and clinics as well as supplying existing centres with life-saving medication, equipment and ambulances.

How Islamic Relief responds

When crisis hits a country, Islamic Relief provides humanitarian aid that often includes emergency health care and distribution of clean water to prevent illness.

We also run maternal health programmes, vaccinating children and providing check-ups for both mother and baby, to ensure they are safe and healthy at this critical time.

Critically, we look at more than just physical health: when people have suffered losses and witnessed scenes of violence and bloodshed due to conflict, we provide psychosocial care in the form of therapy and counselling, particularly with children.


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