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Each day millions of children across the world face incredible hardship. Struggling to survive amongst wars, disasters, drought or disease – they all too often become orphaned as a result. Sponsor an orphan today and help transform the lives of children around the world.

…the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise…” (Bukhari)

For many orphaned children, the reality of poverty is a daily burden. Left wondering: where will my next meal come from? Where are we going to live? If we get sick and can’t afford medicine…will we survive? – every day is a challenge.

Deprived of much-needed educational supporthealth care and critical age-appropriate safe places to play and grow, these children are incredibly vulnerable and face a bleak future.

They need critical care and support – and that’s where Islamic Relief comes in.

Sponsor an orphan today.

Orphan Sponsorship: Providing critical orphan care

Here at Islamic Relief, we believe that every child deserves a positive start in life and the hope for a bright future. That’s why we’re supporting orphaned children affected by war, bereavement, poverty and ill-health, offering them the chance for a better future.

We build safe villages for children across the globe, providing clean waterhealthcare and education. We protect children from dangerous child labour, we provide food security and critical psychosocial care and crucially; we also help carers to enter into work/increase their household income to provide long-term sustainable support.

Striving to ensure that these children are safe, protected and loved, we’re transforming lives.

We already support over 63,000 orphans around the world – help us to support even more.

Sponsor an orphan today.

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