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The situation in Gaza and Palestine is unbearable for many families amid the the occupation, blockade and recurring conflicts, which has caused deep poverty and suffering.

Many of us often feel helpless and are unsure of ways to support, so we’ve put together 11 ways you can help ease the struggles of our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Palestine. 

1. Support vulnerable orphans

Over 20,000 children in Gaza are orphans. Without the love, care and support of parents, many struggle to survive and are highly vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Islamic Relief’s child welfare programmes transform the lives of many vulnerable children. We sponsor over 7,000 orphaned children in Gaza, giving their families a regular stipend towards their basic needs and schooling.

Donate to our Palestine Appeal and help protect vulnerable orphans in Gaza.


A young girl in Gaza

2. Help educate the future

Poverty and poor facilities in schools prevent many children from going to school in Gaza. Islamic Relief is by their side, improving access to high-quality education.

Our work includes improving the learning environment in Gaza’s kindergartens for children to thrive in. We have trained hundreds of teachers and principals so they have the tools and experience to mentor the young generation. We are also supporting schools to provide access to better facilities including clean water and hygiene facilities.

By donating to our Palestine Appeal, you can help provide children and young people with a brighter future.

Palestinian children learning in their new classroom


3. Help heal the wounds of trauma 

The protracted humanitarian crisis has had a devastating impact on children in Gaza and the West Bank. Many have witnessed severe trauma, which has left behind deep wounds. As a result, children are suffering with severe mental health issues.

Islamic Relief provides counselling services that have helped tens of thousands of children cope with the challenges of growing up in Gaza. Children with disabilities receive specialist equipment, medical treatment and therapeutic services, and they benefit from fun activities to improve their wellbeing.

Donate to our Palestine Appeal to help provide children with the emotional support they desperately need.

Image: Young boy in Gaza sitting among rubble following recent conflict

4. Support young people to access employment

In the face of soaring youth unemployment in Gaza, our youth-centred community work is helping young people enter the world of work, earn a reliable living, and raise their living standards.

Our Islamic Relief micro-finance grants allow young entrepreneurs to start up micro-businesses, supported by training, coaching and mentoring.

Focused on enabling young people to achieve their potential, we develop apprenticeship and internship opportunities and boost access to high-quality technical and vocational education and training. We are proud to inspire young people to play a vital role in developing their communities.

Help provide young people with a brighter future by donating to our Palestine Appeal.

Image: A girl in Gaza benefits from a craft-making class.

5. Provide safe homes for surviving winter

Winters in Palestine can be extremely harsh, and many live in dilapidated and substandard accommodation, with little protection from the elements. To make matters worse, many lack basic amenities such as warm clothing – leaving them vulnerable to the harsh weather and increasing their risk of becoming unwell.

Islamic Relief repairs damaged homes in time for the winter season. From fixing roofs and repairing toilets, securing windows and improving electrical wiring, we make sure homes are habitable and safe. We also provide essential items mattresses, blankets, pillows, gas heaters and cookers through our annual winter survival programme, to help them cope with the harsh winter weather.

Help keep families in Gaza warm this winter by donating to our Palestine Appeal.

Image: Young boy living in a tent amid harsh winter weather.

6. Provide vital support for Palestinian refugees 

Beyond the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Islamic Relief supports Palestinian refugees in neighbouring countries like Lebanon and Jordan.

Our work includes providing safe homes and shelter, winter survival items, access to education and healthcare, as well as mental health services for vulnerable children.

For example, Palestinian children receive specialist support at Islamic Relief’s early intervention unit in Saida, Jordan. The unit provides physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy services as well as special education and psychotherapy.

Iftar: Young girl living in a refugee camp in Jordan.

7. Help provide essential medical support 

With its dense population and collapsing economy, the health sector is at breaking point in Gaza. There is a severe shortage of specialist staff and medical supplies. Electricity and water are also in short supply.

We provide urgent medical supplies when conflict breaks out in the region, or disaster strikes.

For example, Islamic Relief was at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic, disinfecting schools and hospitals and raising awareness of the virus to reduce the spread. We also provided medical equipment and hygiene kits to hospitals, health centres and quarantine centres.

covid-19 in Gaza
Image: Emergency medical support amid the Covid-19 campaign

8. Provide clean drinking water 

97% of water in Gaza is undrinkable, causing immense struggle on communities to survive. Without safe and clean water to drink, families are at risk of dehydration, disease and at worse: death.

Islamic Relief works to provide clean water to schools and health facilities. In total, we have provided clean drinking water to 1 million people.

Water charity is the most rewarding of all as water is the key to all life. Donate with Islamic Relief and help save lives.

9. Provide a parcel of joy in Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah

Every year Islamic Relief provides vulnerable families in Gaza with food parcels during Ramadan, which contain staple food items such as oil, flour and rice, which families can use to begin and end their fast. They provide relief to those who struggle to find enough food and help families to get through the blessed month without worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

We also run a Korban (Qurban) programme in Gaza, providing meat to vulnerable families so they can celebrate Eid.

Wherever possible, we integrate our seasonal food distributions with other humanitarian and development programmes, so we can reach the families of sponsored orphans for example.

Help share the joy this Ramadan and Hari Raya Haji (Dhul Hijjah) by donating with Islamic Relief.

Ramadan in Gaza
Image: Islamic Relief staff supporting Anaheed to ensure she can feed her family during the month of Ramadan.

10. Provide Eid gifts to children

A widespread tradition of Eid is the exchanging of gifts, known as Eidi or Eidiya. For children, receiving Eid gifts is unsurprisingly a key highlight of the day and many look forward to being spoilt by parents and other relatives.

Every year, we run a global programme to provide gifts to children whose caregivers are unable to do so, giving them something to smile about despite the difficult circumstances they face.

These gifts provide children with useful items such as Eid clothes, school bags and other educational equipment. We also provide gifts which will simply be enjoyed by children, such as toys, balloons and sweets.

Young boy with a balloon
Image: A young boy receives a balloon as part of his Eid gift provided by Islamic Relief

11. Make Du’a 

Let’s not forget one of the most powerful tools Allah (SWT) has given to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine: Du’a.

Make sincere Du’a from your heart that Allah Almighty relieves their suffering, fulfils their needs and brightens their futures.

Find out more on Dua’s to read for our brothers and sisters in Palestine here.

Women praying, holding a tasbih, which a copy of the Holy Qur'an in front of her. tips for ramadan duas for dhul hijjah
Image: A woman reading Qur’an and making du’a.
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