The first ever sacrifice took place during the time of Prophet Adam (AS), the First Prophet and human being in history, SubhanAllah!

When we think of Korban (Qurban), we think of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his sacrifice for the sake of Allah (SWT).

But what about the other sacrifices Prophets have made throughout history?

Well here’s the story of Prophet Adam (AS) and the first sacrifice.

Prophet Adam’s story: Habil and Qabil

Prophet Adam (AS) was the first man alive as is known as the “Father of Humankind”. He then had two sons: Qabil (Cain) and Habil (Abel). Both sons were due to marry.

Allah (SWT) then revealed to Prophet Adam (AS) that both his sons should offer a sacrifice. Whoever’s sacrifice was virtuously accepted would be able to marry the female they were both interested in.

This was the first sacrifice.

Habil, a shepherd, offered a healthy ram as his best sacrifice. Whereas Qabil, a farmer, was not willing to give his best and offered some crops from his land.

Allah (SWT) accepted Habil’s sacrifice and rejected Qabil’s. Qabil then killed his brother out of jealousy. He’d committed the first murder on Earth.

From this story, we learn that sacrifice has long been a tradition in Islam starting from the time of Prophet Adam (AS).

So, as we remember the millions of people across the globe struggling against poverty, why not make your sacrifice today?

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