Ramadan Food Packs

GROUP A - S$95

Bangladesh; Bosnia; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Kosova; Myanmar; Nepal; South Africa; Sri Lanka; Syria

GROUP B - S$140

Albania; Jordan; Kenya; Mali; Niger; the Philippines; Somalia

GROUP C - S$200

Afghanistan; Chechnya; Ethiopia; Lebanon; Malawi; Macedonia; Pakistan; South Sudan; Sudan; Türkiye; Yemen

Total: S$0.00

This Ramadan, join us in spreading joy and supporting families facing hunger around the world. 

More than 600 million people in Muslim-majority countries do not know where their next meal is coming from this Ramadan. 

Without regular healthy meals, children struggle to go to school, carers struggle to work, and communities are left battling to survive. 

Islamic Relief is providing families with essential food supplies for the month of Ramadan to ensure they can have the nutrition they need to start and end their fast.


Our Ramadan food programme 

Our Ramadan food parcels ensure a family has enough food during the month of Ramadan, so they have the energy needed to make the most of the blessed month. 

The food parcels contain a variety of staple items, such as rice, lentils, cooking oil, dates, and more. These essentials empower families to enjoy Ramadan, free from worrying about how to feed their children. 

The impact of your donations 

Thanks to your generosity, year after year, we are able to provide essential food packs to millions of vulnerable families across the globe. 

This year, Islamic Relief is aiming to provide Ramadan packs to over 1.1 million people in 32 countries.

The reward of feeding the fasting in Ramadan 

In Islam, feeding the hungry is a highly rewarded act of worship. At Iftar time, Allah (SWT) shows special mercy and love to those who have been fasting, and especially to those who have provided food for others at Iftar time. 

The significance of providing Iftar for others is emphasised in the following Hadith: 

Whoever helps break the fast of a fasting person will have the same reward as the one [who fasted] without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.

Hadith | Tirmidhi


Why Choose Islamic Relief?

Each Food pack is thoughtfully put together to include nutritious essentials, ensuring a wholesome Ramadan experience for those less fortunate.

Islamic Relief operates worldwide, reaching communities far and wide. Your support crosses borders, making a global impact.

What’s Inside the Ramadan Food Pack?

Our food packs contain a variety of staple items, such as rice, lentils, cooking oil, dates, and more. These essentials empower families to observe Ramadan with dignity and joy.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Donate: Contribute generously to our Ramadan Food packs. Every donation counts and brings us closer to our goal of providing for as many families as possible.

Share the Blessings: Encourage your friends, family, and community to join the cause. Sharing is caring, and together we can make an impact.

Let’s come together as a global community to make this Ramadan special for everyone. Your support not only fills stomachs but also hearts with hope and warmth.

Donate now and make a lasting difference.

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