Brighter futures in Kosovo

Orphan sponsorship makes a huge difference to the lives of children worldwide. With your help, we can make sure that support does not stop at the age of 18. We have been able to provide young people like Naim with skills and a valuable trade, leading to a brighter future.

A special scheme has been giving young Kosovans who are now leaving the Islamic Relief’s orphans sponsorship programme a vocational trade that is in demand locally, and with it, the chance to build bright futures.

Approximately 45% of Kosovo’s population is unemployed. Islamic Relief has been sponsoring orphaned children in Kosovo – where almost 60% of people are poor or live in extreme poverty – for over a decade. Last year, we introduced a unique scheme to further help some of the young people who are moving on from sponsorship.

Naim, 18, lives with his elderly mother. Islamic Relief sponsored Naim for more than ten years, by providing his family with the financial support they needed to care for his basic needs and to help with his schooling. But as he reached 18 years of age, he was no longer eligible for this scheme. Although Naim is certainly a bright young man, he could not afford to go to university.

Naim was one of eight young people that we trained as plumbers. On graduating from our Professional Training Centre, he joined our staff team in renovating poor homes in Drenas and Skenderaj. The families now receive safe water, hygiene and electrical systems.

“I always thought I would have to leave the country,” said Naim. “The possibility of finding a job was nil. But thank God, I had the support of Islamic Relief as always. I am very lucky to get professional training, because now I have a skill.

“Life is better for many families now. I love my current job and every day is very special. We work with families and can see the hope and happiness on their faces. I love the people of my country and I am very happy I can do something for them through this project.

“I feel good when I see that we are giving water to many families in this region. I remember when my family used to carry water long distances and I know how difficult that is, especially during long and cold winters. I know how much this means to people.

“Islamic Relief is doing a great job, and I am glad that I am part of it. Thank you for being here and supporting these poor families.”

The training scheme, which has given hope to Naim and hundreds of poor families, began in 2012.

With your support, we can continue to give vulnerable people the chance to be self-reliant, to support themselves and their families, and to earn a decent living. Help us create long-term solutions in our fight against hunger: donate today.

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