Monday June 19, 2023

Korotoumou lives in Banconi, Mali, with her mother, elder sister and 3 children following the death of her husband.

“It is difficult to provide meat to the family on a regular basis because I don’t earn enough money to buy it,” the 39-year-old says. “I have a lot of difficulty meeting my family’s food needs because of my small income.”

While Korotoumou earns some money cooking for weddings, baptisms, and other important ceremonies it’s not always enough to support her family.

The family lives in a single room and substitutes fish into meals when they cannot afford meat.

Last year, they were one of some 73,500 families in Mali to receive a korban food parcel from Islamic Relief.

Korotoumou (centre) and others prepare a meal from Islamic Relief's korban food distribution

“The children have eaten the meat with great satisfaction,” Korotuomou says.

“Eid al Adha is a great day for all Muslims around the world. When we live that event, we share happiness with others. It is a day of joy, peace and forgiveness.

“I invite Islamic Relief and its staff to continue their efforts to help us. I would like to thank Islamic Relief and its amazing donors.”

Islamic Relief’s meat parcels help bring families together to celebrate Eid al-Adha without worrying about the price of food. Please help us to support even more families. Give your korban today.

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