Monday July 13, 2015

Healthcare in North Waziristan Agency

In Pakistan, around 62,500 internally displaced people have benefitted from life-saving humanitarian aid delivered by Islamic Relief.

Hundreds of thousands of people fled their homes in North Waziristan Agency (NWA), Pakistan, as fighting increased in the area. Scattered across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, many families are living in makeshift tents rather than in organised camps.

Without adequate access to healthcare, illness – including dangerous diseases such as malaria, and respiratory infections – increased among displaced people. Due to a lack of female health professionals, women were particularly at risk. Islamic Relief moved some of its health teams to the area, and brought in extra health staff to meet the needs of displaced people. We also provided psychosocial support to some 500 vulnerable individuals to help them come to terms with their experiences.

In addition, we gave 3,000 families hygiene kits and kitchen sets that included basic but essential items such as a water cooler and jerry cans. Each household also received a foodpack designed to last about a month.

In areas where larger numbers of displaced people were sheltering – such as school buildings and impromptu camps – we built temporary latrines to improve sanitation and help halt the spread of disease. We also repaired wells and other sources of drinking water, benefitting about 1,000 families.

Whilst the latest project by Islamic Relief in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and FATA ended in March 2015, Islamic Relief Pakistan is shortly to also provide displaced families with tents and mosquito nets

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