can provide food to a family for a month
can provide food to 2 families for a month

India Covid: Hospitals overwhelmed as deaths pass 215,000

India has reached the devastating milestone of 215,000 coronavirus deaths. Hospitals across the country are overwhelmed as a second wave sweeps across the country.

According to recent reports, the real number of India COVID fatalities is thought to be far greater, with many not being officially recorded. Oxygen supplies remain critically low across the country, leaving the black market as the only option for many people.

India became the first country to register over 400,000 new cases in a single day.

Your donations can provide vital relief, including hygiene kits and food to help save lives in India.

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India Covid: Islamic Relief’s response

Islamic Relief is helping to deliver immediate COVID oxygen supplies* and PCR testing machines* to India. Just one oxygen generation plant can help provide oxygen to 500 hospital beds, and will last for 20 years.

Oxygen plant in India

Thanks to your donations, we’re also helping to distribute food in response to the ongoing COVID crisis. Donations towards our appeals are helping to provide 4,500 food packs to families disproportionately affected due to loss of livelihoods from the COVID lockdowns.

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