Monday October 9, 2023

Islamic Relief is warning that the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza is worsening, as already struggling civilians once more face the horror of major airstrikes.

The civilian death toll is rising across region, in an unprecedented escalation that began early on Saturday morning. Palestinian health officials have reported that Israeli strikes have killed over 300 people; while Israeli authorities have also recorded more than 300 deaths.

Islamic Relief is appalled by recent reports of deaths and violence, and continues to

strongly condemn any and all violence. We plead with all parties to exercise restraint to avoid further civilian casualties.

In the Gaza Strip, the strikes are thought to have forced 20,000 people to flee their homes. Seeking shelter in dozens of schools, they urgently need food and other basic survival items.


Humanitarian nightmare in Gaza

Decades of occupation, blockade, and recurring conflict have created a humanitarian nightmare in Gaza. Most people do not have enough food, 90% of available water is unfit for public consumption, and trauma is taking its toll on ordinary families. Much of the population relies on humanitarian aid from charities like Islamic Relief, just to survive.

Gaza’s healthcare system is particularly fragile, with overstretched and poorly-equipped health facilities struggling to meet rising needs. They too, rely on support from charities such as Islamic Relief.

As conditions rapidly deteriorate amid this latest escalation in hostilities, Islamic Relief remains steadfast in our determination to assist Palestinian families. Working closely with our local partners, we are preparing our humanitarian response, which is likely to initially focus distributing medical supplies and survival items.

With your support, Islamic Relief will remain a lifeline for Palestinian families. Please give generously to our Palestine Emergency Appeal now.

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