Thursday June 22, 2023

Wati, 43, lives in Nyalindung village in Cianjur, Indonesia. Since her husband died 3 years ago, she has been supporting their 4 children alone.

“I was depressed when my husband was sick and then passed away. I was not ready to take over his responsibility as the head of the family,” Wati says. “In the past, I fully relied on my husband for household expenditures. I didn’t have skills or knowledge to earn enough money to cover all the family’s daily needs”.

Shortly after her husband’s death, Wati began receiving social assistance from a government programme. However, the money is not enough to meet her family’s needs.

“I sometimes earn extra money when a neighbour asks me to wash clothes or clear the farm… but I have to also borrow money from neighbours and rely on charity from them.”

The price of beef has soared over the last 2 years amid rising costs of living worldwide. It is now well beyond the reach of Wati and others in her village.

“I can’t remember the last time I ate beef. It has become a luxury for me and my children,” she says, explaining that the family typically eats rice with fermented fish or soybean. When she cannot afford something to buy anything to go with the rice, the family eat it with salt or shrimp paste.

Helping families celebrate Eid

Wati’s family was one of more than 5,700 across Indonesia who received a korban meat parcel from Islamic Relief last year. The food helps ease the burden of vulnerable families, particularly in this time of rising living costs.

“The meat can last for eat least 2 days as my children will eat more frequently than usual when there’s meat,” Wati says. “For these 2 days, our meals will be immensely special of course.”

“I thank Islamic Relief and all the team who give us blessings by sending the korban livestock to our village. I hope in coming years, Islamic Relief can send a big smile to more poor families in my area.”

Families like Wati’s rely on Islamic Relief during challenging times. Please help us to support more people in need. Donate your Korban today.

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