Outreach services for hearing-impaired Chechens

At least 500 hearing-impaired people will benefit from the project, which provides tuition in reading and writing.

In Chechnya, hundreds of people with hearing impairments are benefitting as Islamic Relief expands a unique scheme into remote communities across the region.

Islamic Relief set up its Development Centre – which enables hearing-impaired people to access mainstream opportunities – last year. Based in Grozny, the popular centre provides deaf men and women with free classes in sign-language, as well as reading and writing both Russian and Arabic. It also offers the opportunity to study Islam.

Project graduates went on to teach their new skills to hearing-impaired children living in a Grozny boarding school and women working at a sewing factory for disabled people.

Hearing-impaired children learn Arabic

This year, Islamic Relief is to offer the classes in remote communities, where disabled people face particular difficulties in travelling to the centre. Course graduates are being employed to support the outreach classes, which take place in rural villages three times a week.

At least 500 people will benefit directly from the year-long project, including at least 200 hearing-impaired children at a Grozny boarding school. Specially-produced study materials will be disseminated so that even to those that cannot attend the classes can benefit.

Outreach classes at a local library

Islamic Relief has been working in the North Caucasus, Russian Federation since 1994, delivering humanitarian relief programmes as well as development projects.

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