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Pakistan Floods: More than 33 million people have been affected. Homes and livelihoods lost. 

Extremely heavy rainfall in Pakistan resulted in catastrophic flash flooding, leaving one-third of the country underwater.

More than 1,700 people have died since the floods began in June 2022, including more than 640 children.

Described as a “climate catastrophe” by the UN Secretary General, the floods have left over a staggering 33 million people affected, including 8 million people displaced.

With homes and livelihoods lost, the looming harsh winter poses a great threat to so many who have already lost everything in the floods.

Islamic Relief Pakistan has now started building homes for families who lost everything. Please donate generously and help rebuild lives in Pakistan.

Preparing to build homes and rebuild lives for vulnerable families

Balochistan and Sindh provinces were the hardest hit by the floods, where demolished public infrastructure and stagnant water continues to pose a great threat to the population.

Right now, fears are growing for a vast population who remain without homes or adequate shelter – a harsh winter is looming and without protection, many will succumb to the danger of extremely cold temperatures, and a lack of vital provisions.

Islamic Relief is committed to helping those in need recover and rebuild after disaster strikes. With your vital support, Islamic Relief will begin building homes in some of the worst flood-affected districts of Dadu and Sohbatpur.

We’re working with local communities to identify and serve those who are most vulnerable, including:

  • Women and child-headed households
  • Families with persons suffering from disabilities
  • Those without the means to rebuild their homes

Your vital donations will help families affected by the crisis with a home to both protect them from the elements and rebuild their lives. The homes will include a living space, a kitchen (equipped with a stove), and a bathroom. They will be built with inclusion measures in mind to support the elderly and persons with disabilities, such as widened doors, a ramp, and a commode chair in the bathroom. 

Your support could be the difference between life and death for many who have already endured so much. Please support our Rebuild Pakistan Appeal. Donate Now.

Image: Islamic Relief team in Pakistan distributing food packs as part of floods repsonse.

Islamic Relief is on the ground providing life-saving aid

Islamic Relief, a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), has been working in Pakistan since 1992, and were one of the first aid agencies to respond to initial flooding.

Our teams have been working tireless since the initial floods, and are on the ground right now, working with local communities to establish how best to support affected families, who urgently need food, shelter, bedding, and hygiene items.

Islamic Relief Pakistan has already supported more than 800,000 people in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. Your donations so far have enabled us to distribute cash grants, food packs, tents, kitchen sets and hygiene kits.

Please support our Rebuild Pakistan Appeal. Donate Now.

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