Saturday April 8, 2023

Khadra is a widow living in Somaliland with her 4 children. She made her living with a stall at a local market until the market was destroyed in a fire. Islamic Relief’s Ramadan food distribution helps support Khadra’s family during the holy month.

“Since my children’s father, Mohamed, died 5 years ago, I have supported my family by selling vegetables at a market. My whole family relies on me,” Khadra says.

“Sometimes food is expensive, and water is so scarce in this city… When there is no food or a food shortage, it’s not good for my family, we go to bed with nothing – we pray and wish for Allah’s good will and support.

“Ramadan is the month of rahma (mercy) and supporting the poor. At this time, we feel Allah’s mercy and the support of our brothers and sisters in the world. During Ramadan, I always read the Qur’an and do tarawih prayers whenever I can to ask for forgiveness and mercy.”


A cushion against rising food prices

Last year, Islamic Relief’s Ramadan food distribution reached more than 9,000 families across Somalia, including Khadra’s. They received essential items including rice, sugar and cooking oil, as well as dates to break their fast.

“It is one of the fantastic events we constantly look forward to,” Khadra says. “It has a significant impact on internally displaced people and the destitute.

“Ramadan food packs are a great help to us. During Ramadan, food prices rise, and the poor and those who have no one to rely on are unable to purchase those high-priced food commodities.

“We thank Islamic Relief and its donors for their generous assistance to the poor.”

This Ramadan you can help us reach even more vulnerable people. Please don’t wait, people need your help more than ever. Donate generously to feed the fasting.

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