Wednesday June 15, 2016

Ramadan used to be different at home

Zakareya Ali is a Syrian refugee who left Syria in 2012 after the bombardment has intensified near his home in Al-Raqqa. He left with his wife and children and sought refuge in one of the refugee camps in Bekaa.

Before the crisis, he had his own career and the family were living safely and happily.

“We were happy, we had everything we need and life was different there. Ramadan was different too. Everyone used to go to their jobs in the morning and return back afternoon. We would pray and read Quran and then start preparing for Iftar. All the family members used to help each other preparing the Iftar, and after we break our fast we used to go to Taraweeh prayer.

We had no worries and lived peacefully. But here in Lebanon, after we were forced to leave our country, we are living in extreme poverty. I can barely provide my children with food. If we do not get aid from organizations, we wouldn’t survive. I couldn’t find any job here and everything is expensive.

Ramadan was different

Ramadan was different in Syria, it used to be blessed and we used to be happy. But now we are away from our home, nothing is right. We are refugees living under plastic sheets; we don’t feel the blessings of Ramadan anymore”.

Islamic Relief has provided Zakareya’s family with Ramadan food package, which will be enough for them to prepare Iftar for at least 15 days during Ramadan.

“Today Islamic Relief came and provided us with a blessed food pack. The kids were so happy for receiving this pack. It will save us for 15 days of Ramadan. Now we will not expend too much money for food we will have food for 15 days and we will be eating better food Alhamdulilah.

May Allah bless those who sent us this help, it means a lot to us and we will keep them in our Duaa.”

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