Thursday July 12, 2018

Rebuilding Mosul

Islamic Relief (IR) have been working in Iraq since 1997 and the destruction of Mosul is amongst the worse that we have encountered. Over the last few years IR has implemented over $30 million worth of projects all over Iraq and has pledged to help reconstructing Iraq and do all it can to alleviate suffering.

In Mosul, IR has been providing emergency food assistance, providing life-saving interventions to thousands of families and households. Last summer, IR played a huge role in helping 800,000 returnees to the city by providing them with food and essential items.

Tons of explosive remnants are still littered all over the city and hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced because it is too dangerous for them to return home. Schools, hospitals and other public facilities have been damaged and destroyed.

Over the last year, IR has provide emergency food assistance to 36,000 people who had remained inside the city as the conflict had raged on. Emergency responses were also launched to help 72,000 people who were internally-displaced or living in the most conflict-affected areas, they were provided with food items and other essential non-food items.

Under the theme of “Children in War Have the Right to Go to School” IR helped children from displaced families and refugees improve their access to quality primary and secondary education. We have been working with four schools in the city with the aim of creating a friendly, healthy and well-structured educational environment for 3,500 children.

Islamic Relief has been working in Iraq for over 30 years now, 99% of our staff come from the communities we work, so we have in-depth knowledge of the realities on the ground. Our teams on the ground are providing food, clothing, shelter, water and sanitation, blankets and other essential items, as well as health care, education and vocational training to communities all over Iraq.

The catastrophes of war still affect the people of Iraq and further help is required to reach those in need.

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