Myanmar Crisis Appeal

Violent clashes in Rakhine State have thousands dead and whole communities destitute without access to food or shelter.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and crossed the border to Bangladesh, in search of safety.

The United Nations estimate that over 655,000 people have fled, seeking refuge in Bangladesh, since the 25th August, with high numbers of women, children and elderly.

Camps are overcrowded, leaving little space for basic infrastructure. As a result, more than 90% of household water sources are highly contaminated with reported cases of E.coli and diphtheria having erupted.

Working in Myanmar since 2008

Islamic Relief has been working in Myanmar since 2008, delivering life-saving emergency aid, food and hygiene kits to those displaced by inter-communal violence. We’ve also rebuilt schools and provided healthcare through our innovative mobile boat clinics, which allows us to reach isolated communities.

Islamic Relief is on the ground inside Myanmar and has delivered life-saving humanitarian support to over 800,000 people, but there are many more people desperately in need – please donate now and help save lives.

Please support the Rohingya of Myanmar with your generous donations.

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