Somalia Emergency Drought Appeal

Some 4.5 million people live within the most severely affected areas and are now in need of life-saving aid.

Seasonal rains have not provided enough water for the country, and now there is widespread crop failure and livestock is in decline

Seasonal rains have not provided enough water for the country, and now there is widespread crop failure and livestock is in decline.

This is the second consecutive rainy season that has provide below average amounts of water.

Vulnerable communities who were already struggling from the aftermath of the prolonged 2016-17 drought are now being pushed to the brink of disaster.

Drought-related diseases and malnutrition are on the rise, especially in children.

It is thought that if humanitarian aid is not scaled up, by July some 2.2 million people will be in crisis and facing emergency levels of food insecurity.

Without an urgent response, the impact of the current drought will be severe.

Conditions are rapidly deteriorating and much more is needed – especially in northern and central Somalia who have been hardest hit by this drought.

Safia lives in a camp for families displaced by the drought, she says conditions are dire.

After the last drought forced Safia Hassan Ibrahim from her home, she and her family sought shelter in Ununule camp in the Togdheer region of Somaliland. She explains the impact on her family’s livelihood:

We had 572 goats and sheep, and 32 camels,” says the mother-of-seven. “We lost almost all the animals and we used the ones that remained for food.

According to Safia, conditions in the camp are dire, and more families arrive every day.

Islamic Relief is providing lifesaving aid in drought-stricken communities

Islamic Relief has been working in Somalia since 2006, delivering lifesaving and life-changing humanitarian and development projects.

We are already on the ground helping those in some of the hardest hit areas, including Banadir, Middle Shabelle, Awdal, Sool and Nugaal. Our efforts include lifesaving cash transfers and trucking in water to drought stricken communities.

We are also providing families uprooted from their homes by water shortages with essential items such as dignity kits, mosquito nets, sleeping mats and jerrycans.

As the drought continues, we’re urgently increasing our emergency response to reach many more families who desperately need our help.

Please support our lifesaving work in Somalia: donate to our Somalia Emergency Drought Appeal now.

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