Standing on his own feet

Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day. Give him a sewing machine and he can tailor a business plan that fits his own needs.

When we help people get jobs and start businesses so they can earn enough to buy food for their families, we not only lift them out of hunger – we lift them out of poverty too.

In Pakistan, Mohammed Rahim no longer has to wonder whether or not he can feed his children. We helped him open a grocery store, so he can earn enough to feed his family of six.

We provided 28-year-old Ameen Khan with his own tuktuk. Now he provides transport for his neighbours, helping them trade in the city and earn enough to feed their own families.

Mother of two, Zahida Meersai, received a sewing machine after the 2010 floods devastated her family house and left them homeless. Now she provides training in sewing, not only feeding her own family, but giving back by empowering others to provide for themselves.

We helped 822,283 people in Pakistan last year, just like Mohammed, Ameen and Zahida – but the true number is so much bigger, because when we help one person, whole communities can thrive…making your donations go further!


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