Thursday February 3, 2022

Islamic Relief are running a 24-month intervention programme to support communities in Niger’s Tillabery region who face hardships in their day to day lives.

Vulnerable groups in Niger are subjected to violence and without a proper support system in place, they are at a daily risk of harm. Islamic Relief recognise the importance of protection services for women, children, older people, and people with disabilities.

Our project aims to ensure more people feel safe.

Protection services in Tillabery require support to reach a wider audience of vulnerable people. Our project will expand the local protection services in place at district and municipality levels, to reach more vulnerable people.

The project will cover 20 villages, establishing community-based protection to tackle protection issues at their root through training programmes and improved leadership. Villages where protection issues continue to be a concern, especially child labour and early marriage, are prioritised in this intervention to ensure the safety of vulnerable children.

In addition, Islamic Relief is intervening in districts to strengthen protection support by influencing local knowledge of harm and changing attitudes related to gender-based violence, particularly for women and children.


Harouna’s story

Harouna, 53, is involved in our child protection and gender-based violence project.

The father-of-4 says, “Recently, we benefited from a capacity-building session on child protection and the fight against violence. The knowledge we have acquired will definitely change our practices, it will allow us to better conduct our activities and improve the conditions of child protection and gender violence through the project.

Group sessions building on plans to protect vulnerable people in local communities

“We are satisfied with this strengthening session and we hope this project will help us better establish a good, reinforced protection mechanism for vulnerable people.

“We have some challenges in some villages such as domestic violence, sexual violence, rejection, abandonment or negligence by spouses, and difficult divorces.”

Islamic Relief is supporting Harouna’s group by providing training and sensitisation to these topics, as well as establishing protection committees to prevent harm to women and children in the community.

He states, “We are very happy with this support and we are grateful to Islamic Relief for helping our municipality and villages.”

We will continue to protect people who are prone to harm through projects like these, which equip local people to make their communities safer for all.

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