Syria – Healthcare for refugees

In Lebanon, thousands of Syrian refugees are slipping through the humanitarian net, too scared to register as refugees for fear of repercussions. Islamic Relief is providing life-saving healthcare for needy families, ensuring they get the treatment they desperately need.

Over two million people have fled unrelenting violence in war-torn Syria since the conflict began almost three years ago. The number of people escaping the country has escalated in recent months, and many are struggling to survive in their new temporary homes.

Lebanon is hosting over 850,000 Syrians, many of whom are too scared to register as refugees, fearful that it could make life difficult for them if they are ever able to return home. However, this means they are slipping through the net of humanitarian organisations who can help them.

With many refugees injured by violence, falling ill due to poor living conditions or coping with pregnancy and childbirth, healthcare is urgently needed. Lebanon also hosts Palestinian refugees, as well as many poor Lebanese families, all of whom struggle to afford medical assistance.

Islamic Relief is therefore providing vital support to help Syrian refugees and others in need to access life-saving healthcare services. Across Bekaa, northern and southern Casa and Mount Lebanon, as well as refugee camps for those fleeing Syria, your support is ensure that over 190 families receive the treatment they need. We are paying for surgical operations, X-rays and examinations, as well as care in childbirth, including Caesarean sections.

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