Sunday April 3, 2022

Many Syrian families fled to neighbouring Lebanon for safety amid the protracted crisis, leaving behind their lives and belongings. Having to rebuild their lives from scratch, everyday life is now a challenge. Some families struggle to feed their children and do not know where their next meal is coming from.  

“I have chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, and problems with my bones and nervous system. My husband suffers from kidney problems, and we have spent a lot of money on surgeries”, says Amina, who now lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon.   

“Our situation was very hard. My husband tried to find work but couldn’t find anything, and his health kept deteriorating. In Syria, we used to live in our own house. We planted our fields with apricots, apples, potatoes and beans, and we were very happy.   

“When the crisis started, we were forced to leave for our safety. We finally reached this camp, and we are safe for now. But I worry a lot about my children and their future, especially my girls.  

“The food parcel we receive from Islamic Relief is very important to us as we cannot normally afford the items provided to us. It is such a great help. My children always ask for food, and we can’t afford to buy any.  

“I want to thank all the people who are helping us, the charity, and its donors. I ask Allah to help us all”, says Amina. 

This Ramadan you can help us reach even more vulnerable people. Use the power that Allah has given you to save lives and lift people out of poverty. Donate a food pack today.

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