Monday April 11, 2022

Asalamu Alaikum,

I’m writing this letter from Syria, to tell you about our life here.

My family has lost two homes, one after the other, destroyed by bombs. After we left the second home, a generous person offered us an old house to live in for a while; it too was almost demolished by bombs. We’ve done our best to repair it, but it’s likely to fall at any moment.

My cousins are lucky – they all still have their fathers. My siblings and I have lost our dad; we live with our mother, under bombardment, poverty, hunger and terror.

Sometimes she doesn’t even have enough money to buy us bread, so she borrows from others, living in debt until she has enough to pay them back.


‘Zakat means we can eat today’


That was until we started to receive bread from Islamic Relief. One time, we were late to the distribution, and my mother panicked, thinking we might not get any – until a generous person knocked on our door and shared their bread with us, alhamdulillah.

Our life in war is full of fear, anxiety and terror. When we hear the planes, we all run to

our mother, and she hugs us as we cry, until we’re calm again.

When we get bread, we’re very happy. I thank Allah that He answered my prayers,

and ask Him to continue providing for us, and everyone who is in need.


Noora*, age 11

*The name has been changed for child protection purposes


When we see poverty and hardship, if we have wealth, we have a choice. Use the power that Allah has given you to save lives and lift people out of poverty.

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