Monday July 27, 2020

Kujtim and Vjolca are from Albania, they are married with three children. Vjolca is undergoing treatment for cancer, but the family still stays hopeful.

Here is their story:


Kujtim: “I work as an occasional welder and I really love my profession, but it is not easy to find a job in the village. I had to immigrate to Turkey to support my family, I was there for two months before I had to return as my wife got very sick. My wife and daughters work the land with me where we grow vegetables and they take care of a cow that was donated to us. Alhamdulillah, between my work and the produce from the land and cow we manage to survive. It is very difficult for us to buy meat. As the head of the family, I feel very bad about not being able to meet the needs of my family, especially for my sick wife and young children. They desperately need nutrition from meat and I can’t provide for them…”


Kujtim started crying and was unable to speak. His wife comes over to comfort him.


Vjolca: “As I am going through chemotherapy the doctor has told me that I need to have a high protein diet. Protein is important for cell growth and repair, and a healthy immune system. Without enough protein, the body will take longer to recover from an illness or the cancer treatment. I am grateful for all the hard work and efforts of my husband. I feel very blessed.

Kujtim’s daughters are excited to start their meal.

Kujtim: “Our house is very old and needs restorations that I cannot afford. The house is small and not enough to accommodate the family properly. It has two bedrooms, one living room, and one kitchen. The roof is leaking and the walls are wet. There is also some mould that worsens my wife’s health. She has to travel 16km to have chemotherapy as there is no doctor or facility in our village.

Eid Al-Adha is a celebration and a day of joy for the family. Unfortunately, we have not been able to sacrifice an animal but we celebrated with what we have and celebrate with our family members. We are grateful for the Korban meat we received from Islamic Relief. The meat for my family is a real blessing. It means that the food needs for my sick wife and young children will be covered and you can’t imagine the joy and relief that I feel for this. And it isn’t just this, the feeling that we are not forgotten and the spiritual value is very important.

Words cannot express the thanks I send to Islamic Relief’s donors on behalf of myself and my family. We are thankful for your support during these hard times. May Allah reward you all.”

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