Friday July 9, 2021

Every year, Islamic Relief distributes korban meat to some of the world’s poorest families and gives them hope amid difficult circumstances. Among those we help are vulnerable families in Gaza, many of whom do not know where their next meal is coming from. 27-year-old Samrat was among those we helped in Gaza last year.  

“Our economic situation is very bad, I spend the whole day thinking about how to feed my three children. Our fridge is empty, they wait for their father to come back from work every day and hope he brings some vegetables, falafel, and beans. It is only when my children have their meal and go to sleep that I can feel comfortable.

“We try to survive on the food that my husband brings home, it is not enough, but we always thank Allah. When we buy vegetables, we go to the popular markets just before they close, and this allows us to buy whatever is left at a low price even though it is not as fresh as it was at the beginning of the day.

“We never eat fresh meat except on the day of Eid as our income is not enough. Recently, I took my children to a health clinic for a check-up, and we found out that they all suffer from blood issues and low weight compared to other children their age. It makes me worry about their growth and their futures. The doctor told me that they should eat healthy foods and have vitamins and supplements.

“I didn’t go back for the follow up visit as I know that nothing has changed for them. We have not been able to eat any of the recommended foods and supplements. I wish I had enough money for that.

“Our home is one room and one bathroom. We don’t have a proper kitchen and I cook over a wood fire; I hope that one day this will change, and I hope that one day I have a cupboard. I have been dreaming about this for 12 years.

“This korban meat has brought untold happiness to my family. I could not buy clothes for my family, but this meat makes them feel special.

“I pray to Allah that he blesses those who donated to the people of Gaza and donated towards people like me. You have made me and my children happy”, says Samrat.

Give joy this Eid. Donate today so vulnerable families in Gaza can enjoy the blessed days free from worrying about what they will eat.

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