Monday July 12, 2021

With Islamic Relief’s korban programme, your sacrifice helps some of the world’s poorest families. Last year, our korban meat packs reached more than 3 million people in 28 countries. Among those we helped was 26-year-old Aset from Chechnya.

“My husband is a construction worker and is always looking for work so we can feed our family. I am a housewife, and we have four children, my eldest is 10 and my youngest is 2.

“Recently, my husband has been hired to pave someone’s yard, it is hard work but Alhamdulillah, he always has some kind of a job.

“We usually eat meat when our relatives provide us with it. My husband and I both have caring families that help us when they can. With our current income we were not able to sacrifice an animal for korban this year.

“We don’t normally buy meat; it is expensive, and we don’t have the means for that. I tend to a small garden where we grow some vegetables, and we have some fruit trees. So, with Allah’s help, our garden brings us some food and we buy some other things from the money that my husband earns.

“I feed my children vegetarian dishes for most of the time; they do ask for chicken and meat, but we are not able to provide them with that right now. My husband also needs strength because of all the physical work he does.

“Our conditions are quite decent, when compared to some other people. We are not rich, but happiness does not lay in riches alone. Alhamdulillah, our children are healthy, for everything else we make efforts and remain patient.

“Hari Raya Haji is a beautiful holiday, Allah showers us with His mercy and people are inspired to do good deeds and support those in need. The korban meat pack from Islamic Relief is a great support for my family, it will last a long time and my children will be happy.

“I feel so thankful for this meat! It is so heart-warming to know that our brothers and sisters from abroad think about people like us. They have made my children so happy, so may Allah bless them and make them happy as well”, says Aset.

Give the gift of korban this Hari Raya Haji. Donate today so families like Aset’s can enjoy the blessed days without worrying about what they will eat.

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