Islamic Relief Ramadan Food distribution to displaced families in Somalia

Abdulkadir is a 23-year-old father of two small children, Fariyha and Abdirahman, providing for them and his wife, Barwaqo. They were forced to relocate to a camp due to ongoing conflict in Abdulkadir’s town in Somalia, through which he received an injury in his leg, rendering him unable to provide for his wife and children. Before their displacement, Abdulkadir would find work as a skilled barber, mason, and carpenter, but due to his injury, he says “We don’t get enough food, we don’t get clean water, we eat and drink what we get”.

Usually, during Ramadan, Abdulkadir says that he prays Tarawih every night and spends most of his time in his local mosque, but now, in the camp, he is unable to do either. Combined with the uncertainty of food and water for his family, Abdulkadir worries that he is experiencing Ramadan like never before.

Islamic Relief Somalia’s Ramadan Food distribution provides each family with 25 kg of rice, sugar, and flour, as well as 5 kg of dates and 5L of cooking oil. With a huge smile, Abdulkadir explains, “This Ramadan we didn’t have anything, but Alhamdulillah Islamic Relief have supported us with Food Packs, and now we are very happy. These Food Packs really help us, so we don’t need to worry about food for this month”.

Abdulkadir holds a bottle of cooking oil during Islamic Relief’s Ramadan Food distribution in Garowe, Somalia.

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