Islamic Relief Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ramadan Food Packs

Hasena (54) lives in Zenica, Bosnia, with her disabled daughter Indira (25), son Alen (36) and elderly mother. Indira requires her mother’s daily care and attention due to her condition, so Hasena is unable to work, relying on Alen’s small income to stretch across the whole month. Alen was not financially able to pursue education, and his employment prospects are limited as a result.

As the cost of living has risen in Bosnia over the past 5 years, Hasena has found it increasingly difficult to pay the water and electricity bills, in addition to not being able to afford nutritious food. Hasena elaborated, “I am afraid it will have a negative effect on my daughters already declining health. I am getting older and find that not having enough food affects the way that I am able to care for her. At least once a week I do not eat as it is more important for Indira to eat”.

Although Ramadan is a time of celebration for her community, Hasena mentions that she is unable to afford to participate in the events in her neighbourhood. In previous years, she was only able to afford to have an iftar meal, often worrying what her family would eat the next day, but Hasena explains that Islamic Relief’s Ramadan Food Pack has enabled her to prepare both iftar and suhoor meals for her family. She says that Islamic Relief’s support has provided her the comfort of being able to fulfil her obligations as a Muslim during the blessed month.

IRBiH’s Ramadan Food Pack distribution has reached vulnerable individuals across the country – specifically carers like Hasena, orphans, widows, elderly persons, disabled persons, and returnees to pre-war villages. The national rise of living expenses exacerbates their limitations on enjoying the blessings of Ramadan, but Islamic Relief’s Food Packs provide the guarantee of essential food items to last throughout the month.

Hasena and Indira. Zenica.

Food pack delivery. Zenica. Hasena and Project Co-ordinator.

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