As with any important religious occasion, Muslims follow the example (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and practice various Sunnah acts on Eid al Adha “Eid ul Adha”.

What are the Sunnah acts for Eid al Adha “Eid ul Adha”?

Here’s everything you need to do on Eid al Adha “Eid ul Adha”:

  • Make ghusl (take a shower or bath)
  • Eat breakfast – the Prophet (SAW) ate dates before going out to prayer
  • Wear the best clothes you have
  • Apply fragrance/perfume
  • Say the general takbeerat after Fajr prayer
  • Walk to the mosque for Eid prayer – using a different route on the way back
  • Perform Eid prayer in congregation (where safe to do so and socially distanced)
  • Connect with friends and family (where safe to do so in person/virtually)
  • Exchange gifts

Make sure you give your Korban (Qurban) before Eid prayer in order to not miss out!

Donate Korban (Qurban) now and make your sacrifice.

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