Allah has given human beings bountiful opportunities to gain reward in this life. For every good act that is made for the sake of Allah, and in order to benefit the world and all in it in some way, there is a reward from Allah.

The types of charity that exist within Islam are also plentiful. Muslims have forms of voluntary charity, as well as obligatory charity.

Zakat and its forms are a charity that Muslims are prescribed to give each year of their life as long as they have the capacity and meet the criterion to be eligible to pay it or receive it.

Sadaqah however, is a form of voluntary charity – for which there is no set criterion to be eligible to pay it or receive it. Sadaqah can be everything from an act of kindness to a monetary donation, it is abstract in its nature and therefore there are incredible opportunities everyday to gain reward through acts of Sadaqah.


Here are 16 examples of ways to give Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah

Types of Sadaqah:

  • Feeding others
  • Making du’a for others
  • Being kind to animals, caring and feeding them for example
  • Donating to someone in need
  • Shielding someone from something harmful
  • Visiting and caring for the sick
  • Giving directions to someone in need of them
  • Smiling at others
  • Supporting others


Types of Sadaqah Jariyah:

  • Teaching someone a valuable skill
  • Building an institution of good, such as a mosque, school, or hospital
  • Building a means of provision, such as a well
  • Teaching someone valuable knowledge, through books, lessons etc.
  • Planting a tree
  • Creating a home or shelter for people or animals
  • Inventing something of use for people or animals


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if the amount was a little.” (Bukhari)

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