Monday April 20, 2015

Rebuilding Lives After Landslide

Following devastating floods in April 2014, over 135,000 people were affected across 27 provinces. Having completed the emergency response, work has begun on construction of new homes for families that had their houses destroyed

Islamic Relief responded to the floods in Afghanistan at the end of April 2014, caused by heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Some 175 people lost their lives in the floods, which also caused widespread damage to homes and agriculture. More than 135,000 people across 27 provinces were affected, with the majority – 70,000 – in Jawzjan, Faryab and Sari Pul, provinces in the north of Afghanistan.

In Badakshan province, in north east Afghanistan, there was a landslide on May 2, 2014, which killed around 300, according to government figures, and destroyed 300 houses.

Islamic Relief immediately responded, providing 300 food packages to 150 families in Badakshan, and food parcels for more than 10,000 people in the three provinces hit worst by the floods.

Disaster-resilient housing

As the areas recover, a section of land was identified for new housing. Heavy early snowfall delayed construction until this spring, but Islamic Relief is now beginning to construct two-bedroom houses for those who lost their homes during the floods and have been unable to find permanent alternative accommodation. Each home will also have a bathroom and kitchen. Islamic Relief is making the houses flood-resilient to help them withstand flood waters in the future.

As part of the programme, Islamic Relief will also build a community well, and plans to construct a small community hall that could be used for awareness and education sessions, training, meetings and community mobilisation.

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