Friday February 13, 2015

Responding to Albania Floods

Record rainfall in early February caused widespread flooding across a number of districts in Southern Albania. Floodwaters caused widespread damage to farming land, homes and essential infrastructure.

Additionally, water supply systems have been contaminated and Government emergency food supplies are running dangerously low.

Islamic Relief has been working in Albania since 1991 and has responded to the worst flooding for 40 years, delivering emergency aid to affected families in Berat and Novosel.

So far emergency packs have been delivered to over 1,400 families in Berat ,Darzeze, Hoxhare, Bulgaec and Pirg Commune, Pogrades and Librazhd areas in Albania.

Each emergency pack contains the following items:

Food Supplies

  • 25kg Wheat flour
  • 5 litres Cooking oil
  • 5kg Rice
  • 5kg Sugar
  • 5kg Macaroni
  • 0.5kg Salt

Hygiene Kits
Two blankets

The parcels contained vital items such as food, fresh, clean drinking water, soap, and a blanket.

The flood response in Albania is one of a number of emergencies that Islamic Relief is responding to, such as the ongoing conflict in Syria and Central African Republic as well as Malawi floods

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