Tuesday November 2, 2021

Thousands of vulnerable people in Afghanistan’s capital city are receiving desperately needed food aid from Islamic Relief.

Afghanistan is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis triggered by drought, conflict, Covid-19, political change. With an economic crisis looming, conditions are expected to deteriorate still further.

Many people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Food has been running out and food prices skyrocketing. Finding work is increasingly challenging. This has led to an increase in malnutrition, particularly among women and children.

In response to this dire situation, Islamic Relief are distributing food packages to particularly vulnerable people in the capital city, Kabul.

Our food packages contain staple items such as flour, oil, rice and salt. Distributions began on 10 October and will reach almost 5,500 people, many of whom fled to Kabul with little more than the clothes they were wearing.

Islamic Relief staff distributing food packages

We need your help to increase our support in Afghanistan

They’re among nearly 600,000 people to have fled their homes in Afghanistan this year. Many have travelled to Kabul, where they face dire living conditions and health risks as diarrhoea and water-borne diseases spike.

Even before the current crisis, much of Afghanistan faced severe hunger due to drought, ongoing insecurity and the Covid-19 pandemic pushing many more people into poverty. Over recent months and weeks we have seen a surge in poverty and hunger in the country.

At least 12 million people face extreme hunger and more than 3 million people are just one step away from famine.  Half of all children under 5-years-old will suffer from acute malnutrition this year.

Islamic Relief is increasing support in Afghanistan. Our plans include delivering more life-saving food packages and distributing other essential items such as blankets and winter clothes ahead of the harsh winter conditions.

Islamic Relief also provides primary healthcare to those who have been uprooted from their homes, as well as to host communities. We will continue to increase our health response to reach even more vulnerable communities and distribute essential medicines as more funding becomes available.

Islamic Relief has been a lifeline for the people of Afghanistan since 1999, providing emergency relief and long-term development.

Today, we desperately need support to continue our vital work in the country. Please donate to our Afghanistan appeal now.

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