Together, we’ve faced another year of Covid-19 destroying families, the worsening crisis in Afghanistan, and ongoing instability and poverty around the globe. However, thanks to your generous donations, we were empowered to help over 16 million people around the world last year. The Zakat you gave played a huge role in helping us reach more people than ever before. This is the power of Zakat.

The Power of Zakat: Zakat could end global poverty

This Ramadan we want to impress upon everyone the importance of Zakat. Zakat could have the power to end global poverty – this is the power of Zakat.

According to the UN, the amount needed to achieve the first two Sustainable Development Goals – to end extreme poverty and hunger globally – is approximately $300 billion.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent to bring Islam to the entire world. So if we imagine that everyone around the globe gave 2.5% of their wealth to those in need, the annual amount would be trillions of dollars. Imagine what could be done with that!

Yes – Zakat could have the power to end poverty. If everyone around the world gave 2.5% of their wealth as Zakat we could end poverty together, SubhanAllah!

Of course, ending poverty isn’t simple. Conflict, inequality, water shortages, climate change, lack of education, poor public infrastructure and basic human greed all create and shape poverty.

Allah has shown us the way – all we need to do is follow. That is the power of Zakat.

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The Power of Zakat

slam has ended poverty before!

There are few leaders who have left a mark on society the way that ‘Umar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz did. He is considered one of the finest leaders in Muslim history, an authority in Islamic law (mujtahid) who had memorised the Qur’an (hafiz), and who used his leadership to serve people.

On becoming the khalifa in 717 AD, he said:

“O people, obey me as long as I obey Allah; and if I disobey Allah, you are not duty-bound to obey me.”

He organised the collection of Zakat and distributed it to the needy. He was so successful that, when the treasury later sought those who were poor and eligible to receive Zakat, they simply couldn’t find anyone in any of the lands he ruled over!

After less than two and a half years in power, the great khalifa was poisoned by one of his servants, who had been hired by his opponents. Learning what had happened, ‘Umar asked the servant how much he was paid for the assassination, ordered him to return the fee to the treasury as ill-gotten money, forgave him and allowed him to leave freely.

Even the Emperor of Rome, when hearing of his death, remarked: “A virtuous person has passed away. I would hardly be surprised if I saw an ascetic who renounced the world and gave himself to praying to God. But I am certainly surprised to see a person who had all the pleasures of the world at his feet, but still shut his eyes against them and lived a life of piety and renunciation.”

Islam has given us the answers to all our struggles, from the smallest to the greatest, including global poverty – Alhamdulillah.

Your Zakat is in safe hands

Fulfilling an Amanah (trust)

Islamic Relief’s global Zakat activities are in full accordance with the teachings of Islam, thus enabling Islamic Relief to fulfil its Amanah in the best way possible.

Independent Zakat Advisory Board

An independent Zakat Advisory Board, made up of a group of respected scholars, have ratified our Zakat policy and will provide oversight and verification of the distribution of Zakat by Islamic Relief.

Maximum Impact

Our teams across the globe take extra care to ensure any Zakat received has maximum impact and is used in the most efficient way possible to reduce suffering and poverty.

Clear Guidance

We work with scholars to ensure clear guidance is in place on how Zakat should be fundraised, allocated, distributed, and monitored.


To ensure our Zakat activities are conducted in the most transparent and Islamically compliant manner possible, we ensure internal and external reporting on Zakat projects. We also publish information on how Zakat has been spent in our Annual Report.

We are serious about Zakat, because we are accountable to you, to all those who have a right to receive it, and – most importantly – to Allah.

Our Zakat fund is shari’ah compliant. As with everything we do, we strive to be both purposeful and true. We are working closely with qualified scholars to make sure that our Zakat policy is in strict accordance with what Allah has ruled. Your Zakat is an Amanah (trust), and when you entrust us to distribute it carefully and correctly, we take that trust very seriously.

Our distributions around the world are carefully designed to harness the power of Zakat: we want to not only help people in poverty today, but support them to escape poverty for good. Our rigorous governance makes sure that, from the moment you donate to the moment it is handed over to those who have a right to receive it, your Zakat is in safe hands, distributed only to those who are eligible under the eight categories stipulated in the Qur’an.

With your Zakat, we can bring relief and hope to people in desperate need.

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